Welcome to Øygarden Visningssenter

Øygarden Aquaculture Centre is a practical demonstration centre specialising in the production of salmon and trout. It also provides information about the history of fisheries and aquaculture and serves seafood.   

Sea and ocean-related industries are a natural part of the economy in Øygarden, and they have helped to form the municipality’s identity, history and traditions. The sea provided food and a means of transport for the people who settled here, and it will also be important to the people who live in Øygarden in the future.

The fish farm is situated on the fjord at Ovågen in Øygarden Municipality, north-west of Bergen. It is just under an hour from Bergen by bus, and around an hour from Bergen Airport Flesland.  


Foto: Geir Jensen

Øygarden Aquaculture Centre represents a means of utilising the coast – through investing in a marine industry in cooperation with other industries. Major investments have been made in Øygarden in natural resources and energy. A facility for the environmentally sustainable production of fish for consumption that is also open to the public is part of this picture.

Øygarden Aquaculture Centre was established on 24 August 2009. It is owned by Øygarden municipality, Blom Fiskeoppdrett AS and the Royal Norwegian Society for Development. Øygarden Aquaculture Centre collaborates with the Coastal Museum in Øygarden. The Coastal Museum offers a number of other activities and experiences relating to the sea. In cooperation with the Coastal Museum in Øygarden, we provide information about the local fisheries and the history of fish farming. Please contact the Coastal Museum to book a guided tour of the fish farm.

Foto: Morten Wanvik  


Activities and experiences

Øygarden Aquaculture Centre opened in May 2010. We have started on a small scale and plan to gradually develop the centre. We can now offer activities and experiences – with or without a guide:

On land

  • The Coastal Museum café serves traditional seafood

  • Museum shop

  • The Coastal Museum’s exhibitions and facilities, indoors and outdoors

  • Exhibition about fish farming in the salting shed

  • Sale of fish products, souvenirs etc.

  • Conference and meeting facilities

At sea

  • A pleasant, refreshing boat trip around the fish farm

  • Information about modern, environmentally-friendly aquaculture

  • See and experience the fish at close range and, by arrangement, sample freshly-grilled salmon or trout

  • Meeting room for 12 persons

  • Open boat for 12 persons – departure from the salting shed.

The above activities can be combined with other activities in Øygarden: ocean rafting, extreme sports, climbing, bird-watching, walking and cycling trips etc. We can also help you to find accommodation in the area.

In time, Øygarden Aquaculture Centre will develop more products and product packages, including for schools and kindergartens. We aim to offer a high-quality product and plan to gradually develop our services.